About Mirelle

About Me


It’s hard to have a small vision when you’re born into a FAMILY so large                                                           I was 1 of 9 siblings, so I had to have a big heart…..

Different ages, different places, we were spread over the world
We were all so close, and rarely would we do as we were told

Naturally MISCHIEF and FUN became part of the equation                                                                   Bringing laughter and joy along on every occasion

But our parents worked hard, to give us everything wed need                                                                    They were strong-willed but fair, and they would rarely ever concede

Sometimes I felt trapped like I needed to escape and break free
                                                                                     I just wanted to retract and find out
how to be me!

                                                                                    Then one day I found a path, where my CREATIVITY could breed                                                                                                                                                           Mum founded her own school, supporting kids with special needs


Here I’d finally found the FREEDOM, and VARIETY I desired
I could make my own rules and best of all… I could inspire

Eventually, it was time for a change, and to grow into something new          But I wanted to make an IMPACT, in whatever I chose to do

I rushed into a new business, the excitement still running high…                      But my partners’ values weren’t aligned, and the water quickly ran dry

Deep down I knew it wasn’t right…..I could feel I’d lost my vitality
I was no longer able to create or express my INDIVIDUALITY


But dad was there to catch me, he was always our protector
Us siblings were always close, but mum and dad were at the center

Dad was very ill, but he still chose to help and give me guidance
He’d always shown us the way, helped us be strong when we were frightened

Then at the worst possible timing, he was taken from this form
I tried to be strong like he taught me, but I knew my heart was torn

All I could feel was anger and confusion, and even emptiness inside
But I just couldn’t fill the void, no matter how hard I tried

Eventually I had to face myself, and really look at my reflection
And when I looked inside, I realised, I’d lost that sense of CONNECTION

Because I always had someone to share with, and now I was going through life alone                                                                                                        I was shutting everybody out, but all that I needed was right at my HOME

So I decided to create a business that gave me control over my time
I knew I had to learn the skills to make a business run online

But once I did, I could be present, I didn’t have to just pretend
I could get the internet working for me, and enjoy my family and friends

I’m still growing and learning, but living every day that passes by
And now I want to give back to others, and allow them to spread their wings and fly                                                                                                                            

I now have 3 beautiful kids, who remind me what can be achieved
When you really look inside, and choose to LOVE, live and believe… 

My Values


My passion is my driving force that guides me to help others live within their purpose.


Through life’s experiences, I know that only when feeling understood, it is possible to grow to great heights.  I am determined to make others feel understood so they too can grow in ways that are not imaginable.


I only do what I enjoy doing! and when we do what we LOVE doing, then nothing can stand in our way!  I very strongly encourage others to find the things they love and build their business/lives upon those things! Then life becomes worth while living!


I am a terrible salesperson because I cannot sell anything that I do not believe in 100%!  More importantly though, being honest with oneself is the best tool to be able to write and achieve personal and business goals!


For me, its only worth doing something if I am able to contribute to others at the same time! The value of giving is way more than the value of the £’s lying in my bank account!


Gifted with an extra sense of compassion, I use it to empower others to move on in, both, their personal and business life!


The number one key to success is Loyalty!  Besides for being loyal to others and yourself, If you want to succeed you also need to be loyal to your commitment! Because without loyalty, your commitment to growth and success will wither away very quickly!

Personal Growth

I am a personal growth martyr! I believe that going through a business development journey cannot be successful if we’re not growing from it! And this is where I measure my successes! By leaps, I’ve grown through each and every step!


I need variety to show up in all areas of my life!  so, if I’m committed to something, then variety will show up in all different shapes and forms!  This is what makes life exciting and motivating

Emotional Security

Being an emotional person by nature, I understand how instability can, very easily, hold us back from spreading our wings! Therefore, I believe in forming a strong circle of influences for more reasons than one!

Create your own journey to success

I can’t tell you where your journey will take you. We both don’t yet know what’s possible for you. But one thing we can be certain of, is that if you never take the first step towards it, then it will definitely never happen.