Where Your Brand Journey Is Realized

Brand Incubator is designed to take members on an exciting journey of personal and professional discovery to create a unique online brand identity that makes the world stand up and take notice.
Why Is a Professional Brand Important?

A vital factor to any successful business is a great personal brand that stands out from the crowd. Many businesses struggle to compete in the noisy online space, no matter how much ad spend they throw in, because they haven’t figured out how to do this. A brand which stands the test of time and earns consumer loyalty isn’t just about an expensive, sleek looking website either – the true winning factor is coming from a place of genuine integrity that flows seamlessly through your entire business.

Brand Incubator is a cutting-edge discovery process with a proprietary formula that helps you really dig to the roots when it comes understanding and expressing your WHY i.e. your values, mission and purpose. This ensures you attract the right audience – people who share your values and become loyal customers.

Brand Incubator Benefits

This Program is all about Discovery – identifying and defining your uniqueness so you can stand out from the digital crowd as a trusted authority. What cuts through the usual digital noise is the genuine and original – a brand needs heart to really make its mark.

Through our discovery and brand education process you’ll become crystal clear on your personal vision which will act as your guide for a consistent and powerful online presence. Brand Incubator is designed to give you and your business the IT Factor (charisma that comes from authentic integrity). Here’s how we achieve this together:

  • The intensive and dynamic 3-Day live Brand Incubator Workshop (kept to restricted numbers so we can really dive deep). You’ll discover how to effectively define your ideas, personality and values so you can successfully turn them into a world-class authority brand. Run by Alex (Brand Incubator Director), JJ (our WHY Discovery/ Self-Leadership specialist) and Jay Kubassek (CEO and Founder), this Workshop is literally life-changing on both the personal and professional fronts.
  • Ongoing access to the cutting-edge Brand Incubation Portal which takes you step by step through your discovery and brand education journey until delivery of your core Brand Style Guide. This essential document will ensure your online presence is professionally congruent and represents your core values throughout all your digital activities, as well as making sure your brand is a force to be reckoned with:
    • Specially selected colour palettes (an emotive reflection of your individuality)
    • Typography (the visual individuality of the written word)
    • Mission Statement
    • Vision Statement
    • Personal Values
    • Personal Purpose Statement.
  • A professional copywriter will polish your Biography which confirms your authority and creates consumer trust. This can be used in your website About page as well as on any other online platforms you have such as social media.
  • You’ll be allocated a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your brand discovery journey flows smoothly.
  • Three hours of 1-2-1 Coaching (6 Expert Credits) – you will be allocated your own coach that will work with you to deep dive and discover your personal values, vision and mission.
  • PinPoint Your Purpose – this discovery process takes you on an in-depth journey to identify and articulate your unique value in the world as an individual. It is the key to creating a brand that stands above the online ‘Sea of Sameness’ as well as giving you the essential driver which will take your personal and business life to a whole new level of successful action.
  • Professional Portrait, A high quality professional photo of yourself that can be used across your platforms, social media and websites.
Fulfillment Pro Package

Once you’re clear on the heart of your brand so you can stand out from the crowd, the next step is getting your website and other design elements built. At this stage it’s all a matter of preference. Some people already have suppliers when it comes to designers and the website platforms they want to use.

If however you’d like to move seamlessly forward using the in-house talent of the Brand Incubation Portal, our experienced team of website designers and developers will deliver everything you need to launch your personal brand to the world. Purchasing the Prime Fulfillment option gives you:

  • Enhanced Style Guide & Concepting because we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life in the best way possible.
  • Your Personal Brand Website built to perfectly reflect the values and originality you’ve clarified during the Brand Incubator Workshop and 1-2-1 Coaching.
  • Social Media Branding for your Facebook and other pages.
  • Your Graphic Logo which is a unique digital signature encapsulating your brand visually.
  • Your Website Header which is the top section seen on every page of your website. When done by real pro’s, this creates immediate interest in your brand.
  • Professional Photography Pack which includes an additional 3 photographs of your choice.
Fulfillment Business Option

Ready to go even more next level? In addition to your personal brand which sets up your authority, a business brand is the step to take when you’re ready with your own products or professional services that you want the world to buy.

This extension option can be added to the Fulfillment Package to create a business brand alongside your personal brand. The benefit of doing this is you’ll build a strong relationship between the two so that they seamlessly complement and enhance each other.

With this option, we’ll work closely with you to create a tailored approach that perfectly fits your individual business. To this end, there is no package price, we’ll hone a bespoke quote to deliver your unique business needs. Here are just some of the assets that can be included in this option:

  • Business Brand Pack
  • Business website
  • E­commerce store
  • Membership website
  • Graphic logo(s)
  • Business card design
  • E-­learning platform
  • Product packaging design
  • Product concepting
  • Stationary design
  • Presentation slides.

We’re extremely excited to be able to offer this premium value in one affordable, state-of-the-art place. There’s simply never been a more exciting time to be a Brand Incubator member!