Today was one of those days where I leafed through recipe book after recipe book looking to make that perfect soup of the day!

And as I started chopping the veggies and lining up the spices, a thought popped into my head! Imagine we could all choose what spices we would like lined up in our lives and exactly how much of it to suit our perfect taste!

And then I realized that actually, we CAN choose what our lives should look like! We CAN choose what spices we want in our lives! We CAN choose how tasty we want our lives to be!

Chop! Chop! OUCH! That was my finger!!

If only we concentrated on;

The little “spices” that make us who we are!

The spices that build us stronger each day!

Then we get a spice called gratitude!

Gratitude is a powerful spice that I added to my life a couple of months ago!

At the start of each new day, I give myself 10 sacred minutes where I say THANK YOU!

Thank you for giving me another day!

Thank you for each breath I take!

Thank you for the air that fills my lungs!

Thank you for the gift of love!

Thank you for guiding me in the right direction!

And the list can go on!

Saying thank you opens my eyes to the beautiful and tasty spices in my life!

It makes me feel grateful to live in such a beautiful world full of opportunities and potentials! It makes me feel grateful for every small thing that happens to me let alone the bigger things!

You too can make for yourself, every day, a new and perfectly tasting soup of the day!

THANK YOU SFM for opening up for me endless opportunities!!!!! My life has changed so much since I’ve started on my journey to success!

Even something as simple as making a perfect soup of the day, has me thinking about how lucky we are just to BE!

Forever Grateful

Mirelle X