Ownership; (noun): “the state or fact of being an owner”

That’s what the dictionary says!

I, however, have just learnt a whole new meaning of the word ownership and I care enough to share it because I know that there are plenty of you out there who, like myself, struggle to understanding the true meaning of it and how much it impacts our lives!

When I signed up to the SFM I heard the word ownership on many occasions. I was sure I knew what they were talking about and was all the more so, sure I was taking ownership! Until…

I was sitting in a staff meeting trying very hard to get the message across to a couple of the staff members that they need to take responsibility even for the things that are not spelt out on their job descriptions. Let’s just say, I was droning on for a while, giving them the talk I’ve heard myself so many times about the importance of take ownership, accountability and responsibility and the impact it has on our work! our lives! our relationships etc! They all kept quiet for a short moment… And in that silence, the penny finally dropped!!!!

Live above the line!!!

It’s so easy to make our beds and lie in it!

It’s so easy to find excuses or find people to blame for us not achieving our goals.

I myself, am a pro at the excuses game. And trust me, I can make them so real that anyone listening to me would even begin to feel “my pain”.  They would sympathise with me and sometimes even give me good advice!  I must admit, that momentarily, its the best feeling on earth but do you know what happens next? I lose every single opportunity to succeed!! I lose every ability to find the answers that lie within me!  I lose every opportunity to cross the bridge of challenges! And guess who suffers most?? Me Myself and I !!!!

Do yourselves a favour and give yourselves the best opportunity in life! by choosing to live above the line you do more than my status quo and I feel fulfilled. And the only way you can feel that good is to take ownership be accountable to yourself!!!! And of course, take responsibility!!!!!!

There are always people out there who know more… Or who know a better way… Or who know things that you don’t know! But that very fact doesn’t mean that we are not good enough!

Tell yourself this… ME! –  who I am today, what I know right now,  is more than enough to add some value to someone else. But more importantly, I have enough value inside me to own and put out there in a way that will NOT ever let me fail!!!! Because I am the OWNER! I will work it out in a way that I will succeed!

Ownership now to me means success!!!

Own the knowledge and the skills that you have! Put it to work! And watch how far you can reach!!!
Go spread your wings and fly!!!

X Mirelle

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