For people who are starting out in the online world, or are struggling to succeed in their existing business, we will reconstruct your mindset to realise your possibilites! Ones that you’re not yet aware are even possible!

We know that the leading cause of failure isn’t a bad business plan but rather it’s the countless obstacles which cause us to make decisions that take us on a detour, often ending in failure!

MaGIC has created a tried and tested formula that works! You will gain clarity and learn how to overcome those blockages that are limiting your path to success!






Mirelle Moscow

Mirelle Moscow

I am all about success!

All I need from you is the will power to want to make a change and then that will give me the go-ahead to be that vehicle for you to move from where you are today to where you actually want to be!

You could be an existing business owner that wants to make changes or scale your business, or you may be a total beginner who is still finding your feet on your journey to success, either way, I have the tools and the skill to move you closer to your goal, one step at a time

Sometimes we just get lost in a fog of overwhelm or uncertainty that stops us from taking action and moving towards our goals. If only there would be a clear path on where we’re going and what we need to do to get there then life would be a whole lot easier! Don’t you think 😉

Well! Well! That’s what I’m here for.

To help you gain some clarity, set your mindset right for success and ultimately see transformations!!

For those business owners amongst us 😉 – you may wanna stop what you’re doing and go through a complete updated branding process so that your whole team is giving the same messages to your target audience – don’t underestimate the power of having a clear cut message and a clear cut target audience.

Iman Ranieri

Iman Ranieri

We are all born with a unique life purpose and we bring wonderful gifts to this world just by being alive.

Often we are not aware of what that purpose is and what we have to give to the world around us.

Understanding our unique purpose and transforming that being to doing is the biggest gift that we can give to our selves and the people around us, because;

When we are happy, we allow others to feel the same.

When we live our purpose we teach others to do the same.

When you live your purpose you serve others in the best way possible!

Just imagine being able to give and serve others with what is uniquely you and earning money for it!!

Allow me to take you through seven steps of creating your purpose from being to doing and overcoming obstacles that might be on your way.

What is stoping you, where are your fears coming from, why do you feel like you are blocked, are some of the obstacles that might be in your way in living and creating your business and living your purpose through your business and life.

Since all my coaching sessions are involved in deep inner work, they last up to two hours.

Sessions can be very transformational because of that deep inner work.

I will share details about pricing when you contact me.

Looking forward to working with you and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have.

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

My webinars are intended as tutorials, starting from scratch, each week showing a different step so that in 3-4 months time, when a new member joins, they can start from session 1 and work their way through in their own time.

Each session will comprise of up to 30mins of tutorial and then a live workshop style webinars (up to 45 minutes) every week. I am not a website guru but treat me like you’re your ‘right-hand man’, and together we will create your engaging and highly functional website.

With these tutorials and webinars, I will show you how to build a website for your business, whether that be an online store, a forum, a gallery for your work or products, a great looking blog, or any other kind of website you can think of. I will show you how to keep your website safe, free of spam and hackers, how to add WordPress plugins, how to set up the content (posts and pages), and how to make your website engaging.

I am just going to focus on WordPress websites. If I can help in any other cases, I will.

The reason I have chosen WordPress is that it is by far the most popular – over 35% of websites in the world are built using WordPress. It lets regular people like you and me build beautiful and professional websites in a matter of hours. WordPress is easy and intuitive, but sometimes it is helpful to have someone to show you around. That’s what I hope to be for you.

Ready to Make a Change?

WE are your magic formula – providing you with an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in a space that will nuture growth and development of all the parts of you!