Have you honestly ever thought about “How ready you are for success?”

The other night, I sat myself in a dark and empty room, left the phones outside, with no other distractions and let the voices inside me talk!

I asked myself “Am I ready for success?” and I let the answers come from within!  My mind was in sheer turmoil – on the one hand, I was desperate to succeed (like most of us) yet the voices inside me were also saying “what will life be like if I succeeded? Who will I have to answer to? It’s so new and so scary, and these things don’t happen to me….”

Why am I telling you all this? Because I believe that each and every one of you can relate to this in some way or another, and I want you to know that if you listen to those voices, thank them for being there up until now (because after all, they have been doing a grand job of convincing you and protecting you) However, from now on, let them know that you are absolutely fine without their help! You will see that it’s easier to succeed then you think it is!

I joined the SFM a few months ago and still, I still feel like a newbie! Why?

Why am I not an expert or on the way to becoming one?

And the answer is because I did not let myself! I did not let myself succeed! I did not let myself fly!

Instead, I let fear overtake me, I let those voices inside me overtake my desire to succeed! I let them “protect” me from the scary thing called SUCCESS!

How stupid am I? Here at the SFM, I have everything laid out for me on a golden tray! What do I need to do? Change my mindset and work hard! Have I done any of it? No! I pretend like I have! I do some work! But I have I really made it my decision to master it all?!

I’m embarrassed to say “NO!”

Thanks to Stuart Ross for being so open and honest with me, he told me to that if I’m still saying no then I am obviously not ready to succeed! Ouch! That hurts!!

But at the same time! That’s it! I’m done with excuses! I’m done with listening to that annoying voice over my shoulder! In fact, I’m a so pissed with it! Now all I need to do is stay focused and work! And do you know what? I’m not even scared to say “watch me succeed” because now I am sure as hell that I WILL succeed!

Y? Because I am ready now! I’m gonna leave all that shit behind me and, in exchange, make some good shit happen!

I know it! I believe it! And it will happen!

Do you want an account of what I have done every single day to make the shit happen? Say yes in the comment below! Because I am gonna do this for myself! I will have an accountability check-list for myself every single day! And I will be proud to share it with you! But only with those of you who want this as much as I do! Only for those of you who are ready to succeed – just like I am!!!!

Waiting to see how many of you are serious about making shit happen!