Most people live the life they think they have to live. They are unfulfilled, overworked, stressed and stuck in a system that exploits them instead of helping them achieve their highest potential. They get the education they think they need to get the job society says they should want. Unfortunately, most lack the life skills required to be self-made and self-reliant. Our vision is to wake up millions of people to realize the tremendous potential that lies within themselves. And further, to show them how to harness and exploit this potential in the new, digital economy. In doing so, they will transition from reliance on their current job or occupation to a life of freedom, self-reliance, and total control. They will do good in the world by creating wealth and abundance not only for themselves, but also for their communities and those around them.

Cashing in on the Digital Gold Rush

Today, anyone with a laptop and Internet connection can access the Digital Gold Rush and that’s what we teach you to do!

We teach you to understand how the process of making money online actually works so that you can use the theory and iimplement the skills learned on any business!

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a product or business of your own! We teach you about using other peoples products to gain results online.

Big Problem. Big Solution.

Believe it or not, we’ve pretty much eliminated the technology hurdle for you! Thanks to our cutting-edge SFM digital business system, people just like you, are able to profit online with no prior experience.

Just a few years ago this would have been a pipe-dream; but not today. Because with our tools, we’ve made it so easy for you to be up and running with your own professional website!

“List Building” For Profit

As a member of the SFM you also have a unique opportunity to earn multiple income streams as an authorized affiliate (reseller) of our many different products and services using a strategy called “List Building.”



In today’s video, we are going to show you how our digital business system enables you to have multiple streams of income from day one.


Instead of building your business from scratch, you get to focus on building profitable income streams, from day one.



Once you start out on your journey with the SFM (that is after submitting an application form) you will get access to this phenomenal Facebook group of the SFM tribers –

This is where you can make contact with other members, ask your questions and ride your own journey to success having the support of the powerful community!

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* The nitty gritty. This is our full disclaimer. Please be sure to read it carefully so you know exactly where you stand: 

Note that individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to give you the online tools and education to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of our members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, the understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business.

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